Since completing my PhD in 2002 I have published in a broad range of areas which I see as all interconnected. Although there have been a few tangents along the way there are also some central themes which include revising social science in light of the turn to the more-than-human, theorising a posthumanist acount of intersectionality and contesting the intersecting normativities of hegemonic masculinity and human exceptionalism.  My academic work is of course an inescapably political project - just like that of everyone I expect. 

As of April 2016 I am working more on my research data around food transitions and working up ideas for research proposals and for what I hope will be my third book. 

At the moment I am most driven by understanding the relationship between human exceptionalism and climate change, and how responses to the environmental crisis can (and should) also entail a radical re-imagining and re-practicing of human/animal relations.

I'm a Sociologist who works at the intersection of the following areas and fields:

-Environmental Sociology
-Critical Animal Studies
-Sociology of Climate Change
-Sociology of Vegan Practice
-Critical Food Studies & Food Ethics
-Social Movements & Intersectionality
-Gender Studies & Ecofeminism
-Sociology of the Body
-Science & Technology Studies

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Decade Total Increase CO2 conc. Ann. Rate of Increase
2003-2012 20.74 ppm 2.07 ppm per year
1993-2002 16.73 1.67
1983-1992 15.24 1.52
1973-1982 13.68 1.32
1963-1972 9.00 0.90


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