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'How Climate Breakdown is Undermining Animal Life', Animals & Landscapes symposium, Liverpool, November 17th 2022 [invited].

Early career researcher workshop for the AASA 'Seven reasons why we are not in the Anthropocene', October 13th 2022 [invited]

The Val Plumwood Memorial Lecture - Australasian Animal Studies Association - 'Plumwood's contribution to intersectional veganism', October 13th 2022 [invited]

'A Child's Right to Contest Meat Culture'  The BIG Veganism in Education Conference, October 1st 2022 [invited].

• 'The Vegan Society and The Research Advisory Committee' (with Claire Ogley) The Vegan Society Research Day Conference, Manchester, September 6th 2022.

• 'Beyond epistemological and confirmation bias: The search for better data on the animal agriculture – climate change link' The Vegan Society Research Day Conference, Manchester, September 6th 2022.

'Where are the Nonhuman Animals in the Sociology of Climate Change?' 7th European Association for Critical Animal Studies (EACAS) Conference: Appraising Critical Animal Studies (virtual) June 24th 2021.

'Masculinity, Nature, Ecofeminism and the ‘Anthropo’cene' at the MenEngage Ubuntu online symposium/book launch event for Men, Masculinities and Earth: Contending with the (m)Anthropocene February 25th 2021.

'The Anthropocene Narrative - A Critical Animal Studies response' presented at the 6th European Association for Critical Animal Studies (EACAS) Conference, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona, Spain, May 22-24th 2019.

'Understanding the significance of Critical Animal Studies' presented at the Oodi Library, Helsinki, Finland, January 16th 2019 [invited].

'Anthropocene, Androcene, or ‘Anthropo’cene? From scientism to intersectionality' presented at the Department of Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, January 15th 2019 [invited].

'This is not the Anthropocene - A Critical Animal Studies perspective on Climate Change' presented at the 'In the Name of...International Conference on Animal Studies', Krakow, Poland, October 25/26th, 2018 [invited].

'Where are the animals in the Sociology of Climate Change?', presented at Gothenburg University, Sweden, June 13th 2018. [invited].

'The limitations of being 'vegan for the animals' ', presented at the Frilagret Cultural Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 13th 2018. [invited].

'Being Open with Children about Climate Change', presented at the Festival of Ideas, Edge Hill University, May 18th 2018.

'Understanding Vegan Transition', presented at 'Addressing the Meat Problem: What Role for the Social Sciences?' ESRC Festival of Social Science event, University of Manchester, November 9th 2017.  [invited].

'Animals and the Environment', presented at Manchester Animal Action event - 2pm - 5.30pm Monday May 8th 2017, University of Manchester Students Union, UK [invited].

'Examining our Values toward other Animals', presented at Brighton Vegfest - Saturday March 11th 2017, Brighton Centre, Brighton, UK [invited].

'Understanding Vegan Transition', presented at Brighton Vegfest - Saturday March 11th 2017, Brighton Centre, Brighton, UK [invited].

'Vegans and their Values', presented at the workshop on 'Animal Values and Sustainable Food Production', Tues/Wed 31st January/1st February 2017, University of Sheffield, UK [invited].

• 'Understanding Vegan Transition' at Vegan Life Live. Saturday 7th January 2017, Alexandra Palace, London, UK. [invited].

• 'Understanding Vegan Transition' presented at Vegfest Scotland, Glasgow. Saturday 3pm, 3rd December 2016, Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre (SECC) [invited].

'Transitions and intersections - how does intersectionality complicate vegan transition?' presented at the London Vegfest - Pro-Intersectionality Conference Sunday 23rd October 2016, Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, UK. [invited]

'Materially constituting a sustainable food transition: the case of vegan eating practices' presented at the 4S/EAAST 2016 - Science and technology by other means - Exploring collectives, spaces and futures  Tuesday 31st August - 3rd September 2016, Barcelona International Conference Centre, Barcelona, Spain.

'Non-Practising Practitioners – Understanding the boundaries of vegan practice' presented at the Towards a Vegan Theory Conference, Tuesday 31st May, 2016, Wolfson College, University of Oxford, Oxford, England.

• 'Understanding Vegan Transition' presented at the Northern Vegan Festival, Saturday 23rd April 2016, at The Methodist Church, Oldham Street, Manchester. [invited]

• Workshop participant at the Vegan Sustainability Workshop and Public Forum, 15th-18th February 2016, Sydney University, Sydney, Australia. [invited]

• 'Food, Happiness and the Vegan Killjoy' presented at a joint CfHAS/Department of Social Science seminar, 11th November, 2015, Edge Hill University, UK.

• '
The Histories and Politics of a Critical Animal Studies' presented at the Human and Nonhuman Animals: Liberation, History and Critical Animal Studies International conference, 6-7th October 2015, Instituto de História Contemporânea, New University of Lisbon, Portugal. [invited keynote]

• 'Climate Change and Other Animals' presented at the inaugural and launch conference of the Centre for Human/Animal Studies (CfHAS), Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, UK. Saturday October 25th 2014.  [invited keynote]

• 'Negotiating social relationships in the transition to veganism' , presented at The British Sociological Association (BSA) Food Study Group Conference, The British Library, London, Monday 30th June 2014. 

'Eating our way out of the Perfect Storm? Veganism as a new normal' presented at Future Connections 2014, Friday 6th June, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK [invited keynote]

• 'Vegan transition and the relationship context' paper presented as part of the Frontiers Stream on Veganism, British Sociological Association (BSA) Annual Conference, University of Leeds, UK, April 23rd 2014 [invited]

'Embedding Animal Ethics in an Empirically Informed Theory of Social Change'  presented at The Politics of Species Conference, University of Warwick, UK, January 18th 2014 [invited].

Poster presented entitled 'Achieving low meat/dairy consumption through vegan practice' at the Radical Emissions Reduction Conference, The Royal Society, London, Dec 10-11th 2013. (Organised by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research). Poster available on request.

'Are ‘sustainable diets’ a Trojan Horse for animal advocates?', presented at the 3rd European Conference for Critical Animal Studies, Karlsruhe, Germany, Nov 28th-30th 2013. 

'Extreme Practices and Uncanny Materialities', presented at the Animal Machines - Animals and/as Biotechnology Symposium, University of Sheffield, 18th October 2013. [invited]

'Exploring Veganism as a social innovation in eating practices', presented within the Working Group on Practice Theory at the 11th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference 'Welcome to the Anthropocene' - Copenhagen, Denmark, 11-13th June 2013.

• 'Meat and climate change' part of a panel with Professor Tim Lang and Dr. Tara Garnett at the Cheltenham Science Festival, June 5th 2013.

• 'Future Food - Should there be a 3Rs for meat?' part of a panel at the final ESRC Genomics Network (EGN) Conference, London, April 30th 2013.

• 'Animals on Drugs - Understanding the role of pharmaceutical companies in the animal-industrial complex' presented at 'FARM' a conference of the British Animal Studies Network, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, November 16-17th, 2012.

• 'Ecofeminism and Veganism - revisiting the question of universalism' presented at the roundtable on Contextual Moral Veganism at Finding a Niche for all animals - a conference in honour of Marti Kheel, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, USA, Nov 9-10th 2012. 

• 'A Practice Theory framework for contesting meat & dairy consumption' presented at Minding Animals 2, University of Utrecht,The Netherlands, July 5th 2012. 

• 'The politics of critical/animal studies' presented at the ICAS Roundtable, Minding Animals 2, University of Utrecht,The Netherlands, July 3rd 2012. 

• 'A Practice Theory framework for contesting meat & dairy consumption'  presented at Global Gateways and Local Connections: Cities, Agriculture, and the Future of Food Systems, NYU & The New School, New York City, June 20th-24th 2012.

• 'Affective Dimensions of the Animal Industrial Complex in Derrida’s ‘The Animal That Therefore I Am (More to Follow)’, presented at the 2nd Annual European Conference for Critical Animal Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, October 15th/16th, 2011.

• 'Simplifying the Animal-Industrial Complex: What Can be Done?’, presented at the 'Thinking about Animals' Conference, Brock University, Ontario, Canada, March 31st/April 1st, 2011.

(Bio)Technology, Crisis and Liberation - A workshop exploring the relationship between technology and animal liberation, University of Cardiff, Wales. I presented on 'Is Biotechnology deconstructing domestication?' September 23rd, 2010.

'Animal Genomics, DNA verification and the transbiological' presented at the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) conference (Practicing Science and Technology, Performing the Social), University of Trento, Italy, 2-4th September, 2010.

'Sustainability ≠ Efficiency – Approaching meat reduction sociologically' presented at the 2nd British Sociological Association Food Study Group Conference, 5th-6th July 2010, British Library Conference Centre, London, UK.

• 'Biotechnology as a strategy for animal liberation?' presented at Animal Movements • Moving Animals - A Symposium on direction, velocity and agency in humanimal encounters, Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Sweden. 27-28th May 2010.

• 'Practising Posthumanisms - from ontological creativity to normative reinvention?' [invited] presented at the workshop on 'Posthumanities in Practice: Feminist Perspectives' at The Posthumanities Hub, Department of Thematic Studies, Linköping University, Sweden. 26th May 2010.

• 'When ‘they’ have never been ‘animal’, what is to be done? The political animal in post and transhumanisms' presented at the Zoontotechnics (Animality / Technicity) Conference, Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory / Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales. 20th Anniversary Conference. 12th-14th May, 2010.

"The ‘Critical’ in Critical Animal Studies. What does it mean?" presented at Animal(s) Matter(s): the Future of Critical Animal Studies, April 23rd, 2010. Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool - Day Conference [invited]

• "Farm Animal Genomics: Mobilising Sustainable Meat as Ethical Biocapital?” presented at the ESRC Genomics Network International Conference, October 7th, 2009. Cardiff, Wales.

• "Mining Animals – The Promises and Patents of Animal Genetics Science” presented at the inaugural MINDING ANIMALS International Conference, July 13-18, 2009. Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

• "Embodying Posthumanist Intersectionality and Resisting Transhumanist 'enhancement' through feminist veganism?” presented at the Meet Animal Meat International Conference,Uppsala University, Sweden, May 22nd 2009.

• "Farm Animal Genomics - Mobilising the Promise of Sustainability” presented at the Cesagen Workshop Promises, Promises! The Promissory Cultures and Political Economies of the Biosciences, Lancaster University, UK, May 7th 2009.

• "Re-designed animals as sustainable promises - Strategies for the protection of business as usual?” presented at the New Science of Protection: Designing Safe Living conference, Lancaster University, UK, July 10th 2008.

• "Critical Animal Studies, Posthumanism and the Sociological Imagination – To Describe, Prescribe, or What?” presented at the annual conference of the British Sociological Association (BSA), University of Warwick, UK, March 28th 2008.

• "Taking Stock of Animals in the Social Sciences: A Geographical and Sociological Exchange - A Sociological Perspective ” presented at the joint meeting of the BSA Animal/Human Studies Group and the Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers Rural Geography Research Group, Institute for Science and Society, Nottingham University, November 28th 2007. [invited]

• Symposium on the UK Transpecies Embryo Debate, ESRC Genomics Forum, University of Edinburgh, November 27th 2007. [invited discussant]

• "Frames of Uncertainty in Emerging Breeding Technologies in Animal Agriculture” presented (oral and poster) to the ESRC Genomics Network Conference - Genomics and Society: Today's Answers, Tomorrow's Questions, Great George Street, London, October 26th 2007. [invited]

• "Initial Thoughts on The Regulation of Emerging Breeding Technologies in Animal Agriculture", presented to the Animals and Society Institute Research Fellowship Programme, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA, July 12th 2007.

• "Finding the animal, Losing the animal? dematerialization and rematerialisation practices in animal science", presented at the Workshop on The Social and Material Practices of Agriculture, Farming and Food Production, Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University, June 6th 2007.[invited]

• "Toward a Sociological Understanding of the Biotechnological Refashioning of Animal Bodies" presented at the British Sociological Association (BSA) 2007 annual conference themed around 'Social Connections: Identities, Technologies, Relationships', April 13th 2007.

• “Regulating Animal Genomics – An Opportunity for Scientific Humility” presented at the EGENIS Conference, Governing Genomics – Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Regulation of the Biosciences, January 25th 2007.

• "Agricultural Animals as Targets of Genetic Progress - Engaging with Animal Scientists about the Impact of Genomics" presented at the EURSAFE 2006 conference, Oslo University, Oslo, Norway, June 22nd 2006.

• "Animals as New Sources of Bio-capital in the emerging Bioeconomy" presented at the 'Mapping the Bioeconomy: The Knowledge-Based Economy and the Biosciences' conference, Lancaster University, April 28th 2006. 

• "Working Toward 'Genetic Progress: Engaging with Animal (Genomics) Scientists " presented to the Animal Genomes in Science, Social Science and Culture Workshop, hosted by the ESRC Genomics Research and Policy Forum, Edinburgh April 7th 2006 and to the Third International CESAGen conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 21st 2006. 

• "The Visions of Physiognomy and Phrenology: from 19th Century Pseudo-science to the 21st Century Moral Body" a public lecture at The Storey Institute, Lancaster, UK, 31st March 2006.  [invited]

• "Progress, Precedent and Virtue - Some Thoughts on the Uncertain Fate of Animals in the Emerging Bio-economy" presented to the ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society (EGENIS) at Exeter University, UK, 6th December 2005.  [invited]

• “Thinking Across Species, Thinking Across Boundaries – A Critical Bioethics Approach to Enhancement” presented to the XXII EACME Conference & XIX European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare – ‘Ethics and Philosophy of Emerging Medical Technologies’, 25th August 2005, Barcelona, Spain.  

• “Animals and Biotechnology – Functional Foods or Living Beings?” presented to the Friends of Animals Conference, July 10th 2005, New York City, USA. [invited keynote]

• “Reconsidering the Place of Animals in Bioethics”, presented to the 2nd International CESAGen Conference, April 14th, 2005, The Royal Society, London, UK. 

• “Constructing Critical Bioethics”, presented to the IAB 7th World Congress of Bioethics, Sydney, Australia, 9th-12th November 2004.  

• “Is Personal Choice the New Moral Absolute?” presented to the ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics (INNOGEN) Workshop on ‘Values, Policy and Innovation’, Edinburgh, Scotland, 22nd-23rd March 2004. 

• “Constructing Critical Bioethics by Deconstructing Culture/Nature Dualism” presented to the ESRC Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (CESAGen), Lancaster University, 5th November 2003. 

• “Bioethics Today: A UK Online Bioethics Resource”, presented at the Lancaster launch of the ESRC Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (CESAGen), Lancaster House Hotel, 10th October 2003. 

• "Environmental Ethics' own Ethical Closures" November 2002, to the Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy, Lancaster University.

• "Sensing Other Bodies: The Emotionally Deprived Physiognomic Self" presented at the Emotional Geographies International Conference, Lancaster University, 23-25 September 2002.

• "Physiognomy: A Pre-cursor to Moral Bodies" presented to the Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University, June 2000.

• "Ma(r)king Essence: Ecofeminism and Embodiment" presented at the 1998 British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Edinburgh.

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